Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 of Spades

My 2nd card was inspired by a delightfully curvy pin-up snake woman.

Queen of Hearts

So my senior illustration class for our final project we each designed and illustrated two cards out of a deck, instructors as well were put to the task. I chose to go for sexy pin-up lady creatures, why not? The best deck of cards I've ever owned. Love you guys!

More Aprons

Here's a closer view of another version of the apron. I made 10 in all, with various repurposed men's button down shirts.

Apron Ad

Here's yours truly with one of my handmade aprons. I used the printed fabric on the side pocket and the band. I used this ad on the etsy site.

Apron Floral Pattern

So this past semester I started playing around with pattern design and the different ways patterns can enhance products. My final self directed project was to design a pattern that I had printed, then sewed thrift shop shirts with it to create cute hand-made vintage inspired kitchen aprons. Here's my final pattern that I used.

"The Hamburger with a Million Eyes"

Final and 5th b-movie horror poster from my thesis exhibit at MIAD. This was probably my favorite one to work on. I loved drawing the greasy slobber dripping through the teeth and the long snake like pickle tongue wrapping its deadly grip around that poor damsel in distress. Plot- Mutant hamburger with a million all-seeing sesame seed eyes terrorizes city with it's gut wrenching, heart burning, agonizingly full horror. "A Triple Bypass of Coronary Terror." :)

"Vers La Terre Les Babes"

"Earth vs. The Babies" 4th poster in series for my illustration thesis. Plot- A terribly toxic growth hormone has contaminated a supply of baby food and is turning those that consume it into giant, stumbling, grumbling, terrorizing tots. Be afraid, they're TEETHING!

"Attack of the Femme Fatales"

3rd b-movie horror poster for illustration thesis. Men watch out, and get your running shoes on, because these hormonal ladies are on the hunt for their prey, the opposite sex."They're Big, They're Mean, They're Hormonal." Check out cast members such as: Cynthia C-Section, Marta Maternal, Betty Bodacious, and Earl Epidural. Wow wow wow

"Murderous Modsters"

2nd illustration thesis poster. Movie tag lines - "The streets will never be the same" & "150cc of Terror." Plot- A gang of demonic mod-squaders terrorize the streets on their chic scooters. Love the hatch marks on the front scooter!

"Severe Terror Hysteria"

My first out of five b-movie inspired horror posters that I created for my illustration thesis exhibit at MIAD. Soooo much fun to do, especially all the women and their screaming faces. Printed at 18" x 24", so they ended up being pretty big when they were framed and all. More to come :)

Can you say "M-E-E-E-O-W" ?

Self-promo valentine's postcard. Who doesn't want a big sexy french cat with a harem of kittens to say I like you on valentine's day? Sheeeeesh, hands down.

Ancient Kool-Aid Rules!

My second calendar illustration. I went for the Terracotta Army theme, in which in perfect advertising propaganda, the Kool-Aid man rules the day. Look how refreshed those tired old terracotta soldiers look with glasses in hand.

Retro Beach Kool-Aid Man

This cool Kool-Aid man was created for an assignment in which I had to do two different calender illustrations in two different time era's before our selected product mascot was ever released to the public. This is my version of a 1920's summer beach theme, where the Kool-Aid man saves the day. Just what you want on a hot day, a giant pitcher of a refreshingly cold colorful drink. Drink umbrella included.

Vespa Brew....yummmm - coffee label illustraion

"Double Cross"- editorial illustration

"Small Business"- editorial illustration

Work vs. Home

Wigs! Wigs! Wigs!- quick spot illustration for editorial design

Gallery Night

"Eat you up" screen print

Monday, May 23, 2011

hands in pies...

Today...I officially became a certified blogger. My first blog posts, what a monumental beginning in the social networking world! Tah-daaaaaah.

I figured it was about time that I got my hands a little bit dirty, and actually started to get an art/illustration blog for myself going. It's about darn time.

Pardon the darn. I've been partial to replacing profanity with "blast" lately though, kind of dapper sounding isn't it?

I will be posting more of my work extremely soon though!

TENTACLES & WAVES! screenprint